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Advanced Nanotube Application and Manufacturing Initiative (ANAM)


Thank you for looking at my poster at NT19 and taking the time to follow the QR code to find out more.
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The abstract for the poster
The motivation driving our research
Experimental techniques used to gather the data presented in the poster
Publications where the results are presented in more context

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The direct spinning of CNT aerogels from a FC-CVD reactor starts from simple precursors for Fe, S, and C. Recent studies using aerosol sampling methods have shown insights into the chemistry driving the process. The product is mainly synthesised from pyrolytic carbon species, not the C precursor...

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Experimental Techniques

Experimental Techniques used to measure the size and concentration of catalyst nanoparticles associated with the direct spinning of CNT aerogels This document is intended to provide accessible explanations regarding the experimental techniques used to generate the aerosol-related results in the...

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Publications List

Publications list associated with the poster. The first 5 papers cover all the results published on the poster and our final drafts are available through ResearchGate using the associated web links provided. The final formatted copies can be found through the DOI codes. We have included some other...

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Motivation for Research

Motivation for current research Through 2010-2011 the direct spinning process technology was transferred to Tortech Nanofibers Ltd who began to develop the technology towards a commercial process. When we started to think about scale-up, we needed to work out how to make the right catalyst...

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