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Advanced Nanotube Application and Manufacturing Initiative (ANAM)


Recent Publications

Weller, L and Smail, FR and Elliott, JA and Windle, AH and Boies, AM and Hochgreb, S (2019) Mapping the parameter space for direct-spun carbon nanotube aerogels. Carbon, 146. pp. 789-812. ISSN 0008-6223

Gspann T, Juckes S, Niven J, Johnson M, Elliott J, White M, Windle A,   (2017).  High thermal conductivities of carbon nanotube films and micro-fibres and their dependence on morphology.  Carbon, vol 114, 160-168

Bulmer J, Gspann T, Barnard J, Elliott J,   (2017).  Chirality-independent characteristic crystal length in carbon nanotube textiles measured by Raman spectroscopy.  Carbon,  vol 115, 672-680

Enhanced ordering reduces electric susceptibility of liquids confined to graphene slit pores J Terrones, PJ Kiley, JA Elliott, Scientific reports 6, 27406, 2016

The electro-structural behaviour of yarn-like carbon nanotube fibres immersed in organic liquids, J Terrones, AH Windle, JA Elliott, Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, 2016

Stress Transfer within CNT Fibres: A FEA Approach, N Montinaro, TS Gspann, A Pantano, JA Elliott, AH Windle, Procedia Engineering 109, 435-440, 2015


Mechanical properties of carbon nanotube fibres: St Venant’s principle at the limit and the role of imperfections, TS Gspann, N Montinaro, A Pantano, JA Elliott, AH Windle, Carbon 93, 1021-1033, 2015

Investigation of pharmaceutical film coating process with terahertz sensing, optical coherence tomography and numerical modelling, H Lin, Y Dong, C Pei, JA Elliott, Y Shen, JA Zeitler, 2015 40th International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz ..., 2015

Tuning interface via multi-scale modeling for superior carbon nanotube-polymer nanocomposites/Yarns, E Özden Yenigün, C Atılgan, J Elliott, International Committee on Composite Materials, 2015


Ancient proteins resolve the evolutionary history of Darwin/'s South American ungulates, F Welker, MJ Collins, JA Thomas, M Wadsley, S Brace, E Cappellini, ...
Nature 522 (7554), 81-84, 2015
Sonocrystallization yields monoclinic paracetamol with significantly improved compaction behaviour, DK Bučar, JA Elliott, MD Eddleston, JK Cockcroft, W Jones
Angewandte Chemie 127 (1), 251-255, 2015
A semi-empirical model relating flow properties to particle contacts in fine binary powder mixtures, T Kojima, JA Elliott, Powder Technology 268, 191-202, 2014
Electro-mechanical actuator with muscle memory (vol 2, pg 8029, 2014)
A Khaldi, JA Elliott, SK Smoukov, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C 2 (43), 9318-9318, 2014
A hybrid tabulation-scaling implementation of Thornton and Ning's plastic–adhesive particle contact theory, JCY Loh, WR Ketterhagen, JA Elliott
Powder Technology 264, 599-607, 2014
Electric field-modulated non-ohmic behavior of carbon nanotube fibers in polar liquids, J Terrones, JA Elliott, JJ Vilatela, AH Windle, ACS nano 8 (8), 8497-8504, 2014
The effects of regularity on the geometrical properties of Voronoi tessellations
HX Zhu, P Zhang, D Balint, SM Thorpe, JA Elliott, AH Windle, J Lin
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 406, 42-58, 2014
Granular dynamics simulations of the effect of grain size dispersity on uniaxially compacted powder blends, M Dutt, JA Elliott, Granular Matter 16 (2), 243-248, 2014
Materials Chemistry C, A Khaldi, JA Elliott, SK Smoukov, J. Mater. Chem 100 (2), 8029-8034, 2014
Electro-mechanical actuator with muscle memory, A Khaldi, JA Elliott, SK Smoukov, Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2 (38), 8029-8034, 2014
Crystal engineering of zeolites with graphene, P Gebhardt, SW Pattinson, Z Ren, DJ Cooke, JA Elliott, D Eder, Nanoscale 6 (13), 7319-7324, 2014
Thermal resistance and phonon scattering at the interface between carbon nanotube and amorphous polyethylene, S Hida, T Hori, T Shiga, J Elliott, J Shiomi
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 67, 1024-1029, 2013
Effect of silica nanoparticles on the bulk flow properties of fine cohesive powders
T Kojima, JA Elliott, Chemical Engineering Science 101, 315-328, 2013


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