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Advanced Nanotube Application and Manufacturing Initiative (ANAM)


Recent Publications

Haq A, Askari S, McLister A, Rawlinson S, Davis J, Chakrabarti S, Svrcek, V, Maguire, P; Papakonstantinou, P and Mariotti D,   (2019).  Size-dependent stability of ultra-small α-/β-phase tin nanocrystals synthesized by microplasma..  Nature communications,  10 (1),  pp. 817 

Microplasma Processed Ultrathin Boron Nitride Nanosheets for Polymer Nanocomposites with Enhanced Thermal Transport PerformanceACS Applied Materials & InterfacesDate: (2016)Creators: Zhang, Ri-Chao, Sun, Dan, Lu, Ai, Askari, Sadegh, Macias-Montero, Manuel, Joseph, Paul, Dixon, D, Ostrikov, Kostya, Maguire, P and Mariotti, D

Precision charging of microparticles in plasma via the Rayleigh instability for evaporating charged liquid dropletsJournal of Aerosol ScienceDate: (2016)Creators: Bennet, E.D., Mahony, CMO, Potts, H.E., Everest, P., Rutherford, D., Askari, S., McDowell, Da, Mariotti, D, Kelsey, C., Perez-Martin, F., Hamilton, N., Maguire, P and Diver, D.A.

Protein adsorption on nano-patterned hydrogenated amorphous carbon model surfacesMaterials and DesignDate: (2016)Creators: Mughal, MZ, Lemoine, P, Lubarsky, G and Maguire, PD

Energy band diagram of device-grade silicon nanocrystalsNanoscaleDate: (2016)Creators: Macias-Montero, Manuel, Askari, S., Mitra, S., Rocks, C., Ni, C, Svrcek, V., Connor, P. A., Maguire, P, Irvine, J. T. S. and Mariotti, D

Enhanced Dispersion of TiO2 Nanoparticles in a TiO2/PEDOT:PSS Hybrid Nanocomposite via Plasma-Liquid InteractionsScientific ReportsDate: (2015)Creators: Liu, Yazi, Sun, Dan, Askari, Sadegh, Patel, Jenish, Macias-Montero, Manuel, Mitra, Somak, Zhang, Richao, Lin, Wen-Feng, Mariotti, D and Maguire, PD

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