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Advanced Nanotube Application and Manufacturing Initiative (ANAM)


Recent Publications

Weller, L and Smail, FR and Elliott, JA and Windle, AH and Boies, AM and Hochgreb, S (2019) Mapping the parameter space for direct-spun carbon nanotube aerogels. Carbon, 146. pp. 789-812. ISSN 0008-6223

Stallard, JC and Tan, W and Smail, FR and Gspann, TS and Boies, AM and Fleck, NA (2018) The mechanical and electrical properties of direct-spun carbon nanotube mats. Extreme Mechanics Letters, 21. pp. 65-75.

Zhang X,  Tan W, Smail F, De Volder M, Fleck N, Boies A.  (2018).  High-fidelity characterization on anisotropic thermal conductivity of carbon nanotube sheets and on their effects of thermal enhancement of nanocomposites..  Nanotechnology,  29 (36),  pp. 365708 

de La Verpilliere J,  Jessl S, Saeed K, Ducati C, De Volder M, Boies A.  (2018).  Continuous flow chemical vapour deposition of carbon nanotube sea urchins..  Nanoscale,  10 (16),  pp. 7780-7791 

Hoecker C,  Smail F, Pick M, Weller L, Boies AM.  (2017).  The Dependence of CNT Aerogel Synthesis on Sulfur-driven Catalyst Nucleation Processes and a Critical Catalyst Particle Mass Concentration.  Scientific reports,  7 (1),  pp. 14519

Dastanpour, R and Rogak, SN and Graves, B and Olfert, J and Eggersdorfer, ML and Boies, AM (2016) Improved sizing of soot primary particles using mass-mobility measurements. Aerosol Science and Technology, 50. pp. 101-109. ISSN 0278-6826

Hoecker, C and Smail, F and Bajada, M and Pick, M and Boies, A (2016) Catalyst nanoparticle growth dynamics and their influence on product morphology in a CVD process for continuous carbon nanotube synthesis. CARBON, 96. pp. 116-124. ISSN 0008-6223

Chong, U and Swanson, JJ and Boies, AM (2015) Air quality evaluation of London Paddington train station. Environmental Research Letters, 10. ISSN 1748-9318

de La Verpilliere, JL and Swanson, JJ and Boies, AM (2015) Unsteady bipolar diffusion charging in aerosol neutralisers: A non-dimensional approach to predict charge distribution equilibrium behaviour. Journal of Aerosol Science, 86. pp. 55-68. ISSN 0021-8502

Saffy, HA and Northrop, WF and Kittelson, DB and Boies, AM (2015) Energy, carbon dioxide and water use implications of hydrous ethanol production. Energy Conversion and Management, 105. pp. 900-907. ISSN 0196-89040196-8904

Johnson, TJ and Olfert, JS and Symonds, JPR and Johnson, M and Rindlisbacher, T and Swanson, JJ and Boies, AM and Thomson, K and Smallwood, G and Walters, D and Sevcenco, Y and Crayford, A and Dastanpour, R and Rogak, SN and Durdina, L and Bahk, YK and Brem, B and Wang, J (2015) Effective density and mass-mobility exponent of aircraft turbine particulate matter. Journal of Propulsion and Power, 31. pp. 573-582. ISSN 0748-4658

Boies, AM and Stettler, MEJ and Swanson, JJ and Johnson, TJ and Olfert, JS and Johnson, M and Eggersdorfer, ML and Rindlisbacher, T and Wang, J and Thomson, K and Smallwood, G and Sevcenco, Y and Walters, D and Williams, PI and Corbin, J and Mensah, AA and Symonds, J and Dastanpour, R and Rogak, SN (2015) Particle emission characteristics of a gas turbine with a double annular combustor. Aerosol Science and Technology, 49. pp. 842-855. ISSN 0278-6826

Martin, NPD and Bishop, JDK and Choudhary, R and Boies, AM (2014) Can UK passenger vehicles be designed to meet 2020 emissions targets? A novel methodology to forecast fuel consumption with uncertainty analysis. Applied Energy, 157. pp. 929-939. ISSN 0306-2619

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Staples, MD and Malina, R and Olcay, H and Pearlson, MN and Hileman, JI and Boies, A and Barrett, SRH (2014) Lifecycle greenhouse gas footprint and minimum selling price of renewable diesel and jet fuel from fermentation and advanced fermentation production technologies. ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE, 7. pp. 1545-1554. ISSN 1754-5692

Chong, U and Yim, SH and Barrett, SR and Boies, AM (2014) Air quality and climate impacts of alternative bus technologies in Greater London. Environ Sci Technol, 48. pp. 4613-4622.


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