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Advanced Nanotube Application and Manufacturing Initiative (ANAM)


Recent Publications

de La Verpilliere J,  Jessl S, Saeed K, Ducati C, De Volder M, Boies A.  (2018).  Continuous flow chemical vapour deposition of carbon nanotube sea urchins..  Nanoscale,  10 (16),  pp. 7780-7791 

Sadhanala, A and Ahmad, S and Zhao, B and Giesbrecht, N and Pearce, PM and Deschler, F and Hoye, RL and Gödel, KC and Bein, T and Docampo, P and Dutton, SE and De Volder, MF and Friend, RH (2015) Blue-Green Color Tunable Solution Processable Organolead Chloride-Bromide Mixed Halide Perovskites for Optoelectronic Applications. Nano Lett, 15. pp. 6095-6101.

Tait, JG and De Volder, MF and Cheyns, D and Heremans, P and Rand, BP (2015) Absorptive carbon nanotube electrodes: consequences of optical interference loss in thin film solar cells. Nanoscale, 7. pp. 7259-7266.

Wirth, CL and De Volder, M and Vermant, J (2015) Fabrication of planar colloidal clusters with template-assisted interfacial assembly. Langmuir, 31. pp. 1632-1640.

Gorissen, B and de Volder, M and Reynaerts, D (2015) Pneumatically-actuated artificial cilia array for biomimetic fluid propulsion. Lab Chip, 15. pp. 4348-4355.

Hosseinpour, Z and Scarpellini, A and Najafishirtari, S and Marras, S and Colombo, M and Alemi, A and De Volder, M and George, C and Lesnyak, V (2015) Morphology-Dependent Electrochemical Properties of CuS Hierarchical Superstructures. Chemphyschem, 16. pp. 3418-3424.

De Volder, M and Park, S and Tawfick, S and Hart, AJ (2014) Strain-engineered manufacturing of freeform carbon nanotube microstructures. Nat Commun, 5. 4512-.

Rongé, J and Deng, S and Pulinthanathu Sree, S and Bosserez, T and Verbruggen, SW and Kumar Singh, N and Dendooven, J and Roeffaers, MBJ and Taulelle, F and De Volder, M and Detavernier, C and Martens, JA (2014) Air-based photoelectrochemical cell capturing water molecules from ambient air for hydrogen production. RSC Advances, 4. pp. 29286-29290.

Collaert, N and Lopez, CM and Cott, DJ and Cools, J and Braeken, D and De Volder, M (2014) In vitro recording of neural activity using carbon nanosheet microelectrodes. Carbon, 67. pp. 178-184. ISSN 0008-6223

Gorissen, B and Chishiro, T and Shimomura, S and Reynaerts, D and De Volder, M and Konishi, S (2014) Flexible pneumatic twisting actuators and their application to tilting micromirrors. Sensors and Actuators, A: Physical. ISSN 0924-4247

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