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Advanced Nanotube Application and Manufacturing Initiative (ANAM)


With the support of our industrial partners and a team of 26+ researchers over the next five years we will be looking at a range of research areas.

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Advanced CNT Thermal Materials

The thermal conductivity of CNT materials is one of the properties that most distinguishes them from other materials, with reported conductivities in excess of 1,000 W/m/K. ANAM are developing robust methods for measuring the conductivity of fibre, mats and composites through the development of new...

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Advanced CNT Electrical Materials and Lightning Protection

The electrical characteristics of CNT mats and fibres strongly depend on the interactions between single CNTs. Tailoring of the CNT external wall surface properties prior to the formation of the mats/fibres has the potential to change the electrical properties. The work within this project will...

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Advanced CNT Structural Materials

The mechanical properties of CNT fibre, mat and composites have undergone initial testing under as-produced and slightly modified CNTs material. ANAM will measure and explain the fundamental structural performance of the CNT materials, as well as synthesizing composites for further structural...

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High throughput CNT Production and Scale-up

Increasing the production of CNT materials while manipulating and enhancing properties is a primary objective of the ANAM research. Increased throughput will be achieved by incorporating fundamental knowledge of CNT growth with advanced characterization into enhanced reactor designs. The primary...

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