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Dr Michael F. L. De Volder

Dr Michael F. L.  De Volder

Lecturer in NanoManufacturing and Engineering Design

Engineering Department - Institute for Manufacturing

Office Phone: +44 1223 338176


Michael De Volder is a Lecturer in the Institute of Manufacturing at the University of Cambridge. He studied nanoparticle synthesis and assembly in some of the world leading groups at MIT, University of Michigan and Harvard, and he now leads the NanoManufacturing group in the department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge.  He also worked for several years at IMEC, an industry funded microelectronics research institute before becoming a Lecturer. His current research interests include hierarchical assembly of nanoparticles and scale-up of their manufacturing process.  He is recipient of an EPSRC starting grant in the field.

Departments and Institutes

Institute for Manufacturing:
Lecturer in NanoManufacturing and Engineering Design

Research Interests

The Nanomanufacturing group focusses on the development of scalable processes to arrange nanoparticles such as carbon nanotubes and graphene into well-defined superstructures. These may find application in sensors, electronics, catalysis, energy storage, water purification, and smart materials.