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Advanced Nanotube Application and Manufacturing Initiative (ANAM)



Norman Fleck is Professor of Mechanics of Materials in the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge and Founder Director of the Cambridge Centre of Micromechanics. He hold many honours and awards including Fellowships of the Royal Society and of the Royal Academy of Engineering. His research interests include the role of microstructural evolution during processing and use upon material performance; sintering of thermal barrier coatings; the dependence of toughness and erosion resistance upon the morphology of microstructure; the mechanics of failure of lattice materials under extreme environments.




Mechanical behaviour of materials, micromechanics of deformation and fracture, fatigue, fracture and creep of engineering solids, plasticity theory and finite elements, metallic foams, powder compaction, ferroelectrics.

ANAM Network Director
Professor of Mechanics of Materials
Director of the Cambridge Centre of Micromechanics
Professor Norman   Fleck

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+44 1223 748240
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