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Advanced Nanotube Application and Manufacturing Initiative (ANAM)




Davide Mariotti is Professor at the Nanotechnology & Integrated Bio-Engineering Centre-NIBEC at Ulster University. Davide has international experience in US, Japan and UK working in academia (Rochester-NY USA, Loughborough UK), in government research institutes (AIST Japan) and with industry (e.g. Applied Materials USA, MKS Instruments USA, Caterpillar/Perkins Engineer UK). Davide is Group Leader for the Plasma Science and Nanoscale Engineering Group and his Lab is equipped with a vast range of material fabrication and processing systems dedicated to a range of applications. In particular the lab has full fabrication, characterization and testing facilities for next generation photovoltaic devices.


Prof Mariotti’s research focuses on the synthesis and processing of nanoscale materials with custom-built advanced atmospheric pressure plasma technologies. These materials and processes are routinely applied to the fabrication of advanced photovoltaics. Current funded projects from a range of sources (e.g. EPSRC, FP7, Leverhulme Trust etc.) include for instance scaling-up nanomaterial fabrication and third generation photovoltaics. His plasma research has also a broad spectrum of potential applications from materials processing to applications in energy and bacteria detection.

Professor of Plasma Science & Nanoscale Engineering
Professor Davide  Mariotti

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