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Advanced Functionality
The advanced functionality theme will develop new methods of imparting functional behaviour by controlling CNT morphology and surface chemistry. Efforts will specifically focus on translating techniques developed in wet and vacuum CNT synthesis, areas that have received considerable interests, to high throughput gas-phase applications. The primary objective of these projects is to impart functionality identified by the industrial consortium into mass-produced materials.
High Throughput
This theme will investigate methods of achieving increased CNT production by developing modelling and characterization techniques to understand existing CNT formation processes and allow the shift to improved reactor designs. The primary objective of these projects is to deliver an increased throughput of three orders of magnitude in single-reactor mass throughput of CNT materials.
Material Applications
The requirements of the industrial consortium will lead the material applications theme in proposing CNT functional material projects. An important enabler of these projects is the uniquely high CNT production capacity of the Cambridge pilot-scale reactor and the partnering CNT manufacturers (Q Flo and Tortech). Research projects will be proposed by the Network of Industrial Sponsors on an annual basis, and projects will be chosen based on the mutual interest of the network members. Specific projects will continue to be proposed by the industrial consortium as members join.